Oct 25, 2010


Starting with a deep breath
i still owe to myself
and a knife that never found its place
between the bones of my chest
we both shared a vision today, separately
of motherly lapses and brotherly loves
and we stared at the windows and aisles
of the hospital saying
there's more people waiting
cause, there's more people dying.

Our alphabet skills and grammar couldn't help
but, make knowledge our privilege on
how to give up and make some tea
We'd rather be drinking coffee tonight somewhere far away
from the doctors and the vending machines
somewhere between the cold grass and the
banned pictures of boys kissing bosses
car crash lovers bitting shoulders
but, i know you can't sleep after you have some coffee
so, i'll just settle for that.

Oct 22, 2010


I took some time and remembered tonight
not everything, but, just
the simple things
that i can't explain.
We always meet in eerie silence.
I always forget the facts
I never forget perfumes.

We met between Ana Karina's illusions
and Pessoa's house,
right where nowhere crosses
dreaming of nowhere.
Remember i never write love poems.

I haven't told our story for a while now
but, i remember you because
you make me proud to believe that
i know everything
when i acquire nothing.
Once, you claimed i stole your whole personality.
I told you:
"I only steal from the best."

Oct 12, 2010

Descending into the void of the everyday
with a new identity
i'm not myself
i'm the greatest expense the I has made
now that our pockets are empty
we'll finally find out
what we are
to share

Oct 11, 2010


Oct 5, 2010


Dreaming of love
in this union of egoists
is like sending a letter to god,
he will never write back.

Oct 4, 2010


The Devil knocked on our door for sugar
and i offered
nothing more than
a smile.

The Devil should drink his coffee black
and must eat no candy.
That's how he wonders in my dreams,
he comes from time to time.

I don't like the fact that he makes his presence
so visible to me, but,
i guess it's just his idiosyncracy.

The Devil knocked on our door today
and i was at bed again
so, i left him waiting
till the World's End.