Sep 29, 2010


Just give me another kick
unlike the one i used to wear as a cloth
give me a flag and a soul
a name with no shame and no ancestors
give me a history with no mystery
give me weeks open for everybody to visit
not only on Sundays between
3-4 in the evening.

It feels so cold inside the deserts of my soul.
Spare me a song and a filter for the mouth
a pare of boots, laced and bruised
like the bodies of the witches
anxiously hunting action.
I got to meet every boy that
fell at your feet.

Keep me clean in all my stains
and let me loose.
Always keep for me an excuse
and a wish for i'll live forever
through the winters
and keep in mind to feel.
I only steal to stay real.

Sep 26, 2010


New shame arrived today
in the family
a boy that never learnt
how to walk on steady feet
and wash his hands
from failure
is lifting the weights of fate
like another
television superhero

Remembering the welcomes
and the hot lies
the snakes stayed inside holes for a break
and we enjoyed
the video-game nights
when we just wanted to
fuck with the stars
and trap them between
tongues and teeth

The cement dried sooner tonight
and my feet are stuck
up to my ankles
like a hollow statue
eaten from the inside
by the wormwood of

The kids of the neighborhood
i always wished to befriend
wrote on the pedestal
of my stomach:
"Always desired
this life to be mine, still
i'm the last in line."

Sep 22, 2010


Stealing precious moments
for cheap art photographs
common-life burglaring costs me all the way
if i'm down for being around
then there's no excuse

Love is rats circling the wheel
I'm stuck on a chair without arms

Sincere words fail to find
those great mouths of the downtown
Recommended breaths of all sorts
cut the dirt in two
we chose to stay in bed
like all good girls do

For a moment,
all of it felt like my nails
abandoned my toes
only to be hammered
on my casket

Sep 18, 2010


Felt unable to fit in a world
of fused retrospectives and
nauseous ideas
full-time nothings rusted.
Short atonic everythings
only staying for a moment
spitted off roofs and
i'm the first one clapping
for myself to quit.
Don't think i'm arrogant to only talk
in first person,
but, i've never felt another one.

Sep 9, 2010


Gathering stones to throw
to closed windows
It's that temptation of breaking the law
that keeps pushing me forward.
We're injecting chaos
so, there's enough guilt to the walls
slowly pushing them down
and there's
dust panic tar
and a withering sense questioning
age is the trouble
the trouble is age.

Unsatisfied comes next to my name.
Don't talk to me about belief,
I was promised a hurricane,
I only got a breeze.

Sep 1, 2010

I was born unfortunate
I was born, unfortunately


Everyone advertises,
now everyone's advertised
self exposed
well-hidden, like children.
Memory pays and i've seen you
passed, wounded and broken
A door left open
for you to come in
to a room without windows.
The door is locked now.
I never "lived in bars"
but, always behind them.