Feb 25, 2010


we wrote the songs that you hear on the radio
during the spring we hijacked on trains
in the back of the locomotives
we washed our livers with booze
left the parliaments to the ones that already had them
we felt the fresh air hitting our face
and we passed through the sunflowers
we crossed the cornfields
we hit on stranger's doors
and on the floors that we slept, we pissed
never wanting to go back again
always chasing something new
amongst the ripped shirts and the silences
as the bats waltzed around the electricity pillars
and the abandoned trucks mourned their merciless fate
we wrote the songs that make you cry
on the day our fathers died

Feb 23, 2010

New touch on old skin.

My mind has reached the vanishing point
hidden between the berry bushes
i hold a basket
smaller than the size of a cup
i eat a champion's breakfast
to get through my day
ninetofive mental push ups
fivetonine mental letdowns
hopelessness defines what remains unhanded
crying eyes portray the puberty days
my adolescent years have become a businessman's routine sale
lost in the maze of modern trashcans we call cities
a life bought from ikea
i will give it away to the first beggar on the street
then if the opposites attract each other
Midas gold will turn to dirt
beggars will never die again from thirst.

Feb 20, 2010


Today i woke up at 11.11 by myself. I smiled. I had my usual breakfast, the exact same breakfast that i'm having for a year now. I found a lot of new music and listened to some old vinyl records. The view of records spinning makes my happy. I checked my facebook and someone i don't know in person linked my blog. I felt so great. I sent her a message telling her i love her. I don't know when was the last time i told this to someone.
I had lunch with my brother and mother. My father wasn't at home and i'm always relieved when he's not.
Then i slept again, i slept for 6 hours. I took some good rest and as soon as i woke up my parents were no longer at home and i was alone. I made no plans although it's a Saturday night.
I listened to more music and talked with some people on the phone and then went out running.It's a long time since i went out running and i really enjoyed that. Sweat makes me realize i'm alive. I took decisions for some things and then came back home and i was alone. I took a picture of myself sweaty and dirty as i use to do lately.
I had a warm shower, i had a warmer milk. I sat alone in the living room, lights out, and watched "7 Years In Tibet". I haven't seen that movie since i was 12 that was on the television. I don't really remember when was the last time i opened the television and i'm glad it was open and that movie played. Brad Pitt looks so handsome. I remembered how it feels to be afraid of war. I used to be afraid of war and the possibilities of a potential war, as i was younger.
Now i type this and the only certain things are that i will update my journal and brush my teeth and go to bed.
I don't know what else will happen in the meantime.
I'm happy today. The city sky is full of dust, but, my soul is clean. I'm lost inside these small things and i'm happy. This is not my usual kind of posts, but, noone cares anyway and i'm full right now.

Feb 15, 2010


sweat makes me realize i'm alive
i don't need a lot
i can't afford less than what i need
i'm not an artist cause noone is
i'm nobody and noone
i'm somebody and something
something small compared to the size of the earth
something big compared to the size of the man
sweat makes me realize i'm alive
i only take pictures of myself when i'm ugly
to keep in mind that real beauty can be captured only when you want it to

Feb 13, 2010


Dear friends, lovers and strangers,
I ruin my expensive vocal chords shouting for a band called RUINED FAMILIES.
We play our first show on 21/2 at AN Club with Belgium's Rise And Fall. Come see me there. This is my big exit. This is the visualization of negative space. There are no excuses. Thank you in reverse.


Feb 12, 2010

Mature decisions.

I consider myself lucky for quitting drinking.
She's got strong luck and a mind of absence
constantly telling her what to do.
My will is strong, but, her perfume is stronger
so i layered all my insecurities on the butcher's table,
on her crazy crazy heart,
and this obscene scene can see no rivals.

When it's party time there's no stop sign
There's a tear on her face and a phrase tattooed on her right hand,
surrounded by veins mapping my slow comeback
the word says" i have me to offer".
I consider myself lucky for quitting drinking
i'm not jealous at all of post party tattoos
or what they call the morning after blues.

Feb 9, 2010

Remove regret from past voyages.
Futures are made with hard work and my feet are stuck on the ground.
The snake smiles at the blade withought thinking about it's future.
Barcelona i miss you although i never met you.

Feb 5, 2010


You like like a girl.
You look like a girl; he said and his eyes closed and the rain was falling right upon them.
On his eyelids waterfalls were created and his lips curled.
The loss of words betrayed his instability.
I might look like a girl, but, you're the one who gets wet; i said.
His mouth didn't open for the next three months.