May 31, 2010

You fuck cause it's a policy
me and mine made company
and it was so short
that you thought it was a firework
yet it was sex

No more love for long fingers
i got mine to care about
this is a rocket to the moon
of salvation
and the wolves howl in a circle

For you i can make the elevator
fall if you really really want
and i can pray that we can kiss the rainbow

To new lipsticks and new addresses
we forgot to blow the wind
and now our will is running thin

Have you really ever wondered how magnets work when a tongue is sucking tongues?

May 28, 2010


i forgot a bible
on a greenish pool table
and the pool cues bent

May 25, 2010


I will make the night
a beautiful trip
for you to wander
through the bridges
of serenity
the gardens
of yellow and seafoam

and as you lower
on your knees
to pray
i swear
i will keep the night
to a level where
the light of dawn
won't hurt your iris
it'll just warm your
scratched eyebrows

It will feel better
than the Christmas you spent
on a hospital bed
last December

You know, if you never
really acquired something
you can never trully miss it.

May 21, 2010


A poem to myself for George's Birthday

The torches light and allure the city lights with them
Breaths dissolve from the venetian blinds at war
I'm staring at them from the outside lusting to get inside,
where the opportunists give birth to ideas.
We chase the ephemeral and it's the people
that get in front of us, the mountains
oh' the mountains bent

You see brothers in the streets
with their greasy hair laughing
I know twins that met eachother by luck
not at birth, but, at concerts.
On days like these, we would wish them
"Happy Birthday"
even if it's not today.

May 17, 2010


You cough in your sleep
dyspnea excites the amount
of atoms of worry
in the surrounding areas

She stares you sleep and cough
for hours. patiently waiting
till you wake
A paper thin line divides your reveries
from hers

Speculations float in the air
the verses that balance the cradle

We need an anchor to keep down the swing
so you the kid doesn't fall
and its tiny bones break to pieces
How can a childish life evolve
when you take out the play?

The mother says;
"Please watch out
when you wake up
we got history to make."

May 10, 2010


May you find the devil
between walls of cement
steel concrete debris
and cotton
May the devil find you between the hearts
that revolt
and burn after reading

Lies corrupt your system
of duotone communication
The air blazes through your veins
and dances with your guts
to the sound of your blood pressure
You wrote a suicide note in Braille
left in the gutter to be collected
by harvesters

There are times that i wish i was blind
or could just face the ceiling and fall asleep
for a lifetime

Slowly i dress my eyes in gauzes and you excruciate the fear
i read your suicide note with my fingers
says you left to the oceans
because you couldn't stand the soil anymore.
Years after i understood
The waiting mended the pain

You couldn't face the steadiness of the soil so you traded it for the sea
I couldn't face the ceiling so i started sleeping sideways.