Oct 25, 2009

Today is Sunday.
The diary says it's the 25th.
I don't work today.
I woke up and washed my face, served myself a cup of coffee and then two more.
No sugar, i always like my coffee plain.
I smelled the rain.
I washed the sheets.
Felt like something is not right.

It's afternoon and i saw my therapist.
He said i have delusions.
He said i should sleep more than 3,5 hours and not drink too much coffe.
He said i should not wake up at night.
Something is not right.

I will go home turn on the TV and get lost for hours.
Feed my eyes with commercial waste.
Get stoned with coffee.
Eat chocolate until i can't stop laughing, like a little child high on sugar.
Talk to you and you'll sing me to sleep.
You will disappear when i close my eyes.

You always disappear and when i close my eyes,
making me realize you were never there.
My therapist is always right.

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