Dec 7, 2009


Today i had this strange dream. Imagine that i was crossing horizontally a stone-grey pyramid and i was running and running and running, as fast as i could and i can't remember if i was wearing clothes or not.
At the end of the pyramid i saw a big cliff and as my sight met the end forward i decided to jump and not stop, so, i continued running and i jumped as far as i could and i found myself landing into deep water.
I remember i enjoyed whole process of the fall and every redeeming second of my swim and then i swam back for some time to the pyramid's shore and i was tumbling about in shallow water for some time and i was smiling. I watched myself splashing and chilling in the water. Imagine a picture somewhere between Casablanca and PJ Harvey's cover for "To Bring You My Love".
I was happy and smiling. At that time, the time that i might actually smile in real life, i woke up.
This might sound like another stupid joke, but, it ain't considering that i rarely see dreams nowadays. This dream probably makes that great impact to me probably because it's the only dream i can remember for a long time now.
So, i woke up, eyes closed, i swallowed a painkiller, simply like that, morning-painkiller-unconsiousness and with eyes closed i opened the fridge and got the bottle of the milk and i found out that it's empty.
Brother fucker drank the whole bottle of milk and left it empty inside the fridge. Goodmorning.

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