Dec 31, 2009

you enter my car
dressed like a hippie sailor
you are wearing a white shirt
blue stripes and a coral pendant

i paid earlier today for overpriced gasoline
coffee and chocolate donuts
i know you like them
i like them too

we hit the road and talked about hot air balloons
and near death experiences
we clenched our fists down the desert
bullet straight on las vegas avenue

0n a 34th storey window
a light was lit
yet we continued our way through
as the neon light holocaust
embraced your bedroom eyes

we passed a huge white limousine
and gave them middle finger treatment
the traffic light turned red
as the speed gauge reached 100 miles

love is a disgusting thing
but, you're shy and still nineteen
i've seen the lion's teeth in deep sleep
and i'm doing no wrong with such things

i don't care about health care
and you're at the right age to die young
i got illusions but you got too
i still have faith and you should have too

this coffee tastes sweeter now
i know you like it
i like you too