Jan 8, 2010


endless tea and endless work
i'm getting around better lately
needles in my tea and needles in my work
still i'm doing much better lately

i'm all outrageous and outgoing
running around the city like a rat in a wheel
first come first serve
i doubt you'll make it to the show this year

i rock the ball and spill the wine on your dress
but you don't really care cause it's all about "the inner beauty"
and i know you have such an autonomous will
a fist on the chin and a good one to the loins

you say you're a misanthrope but i can't spell a word
there's a dirty beat going up and down the walls
curling up your leopard print bra
trick or treat and i'm your entrails now

i can tell you're a sucker for bad poetry and cheap wine
i got a cellar were we can hide in for weeks
curse your parents and regrets
i'm soulless verses from your toes to your belly button

you believe in short dresses and acting like a movie star
seems like this chair has your name on it
"i've seen you've been here for 3 days now"
and you replied "i can see you're a frequent goth here too"

we've been looking for the same things
pop culture ruined the lust you're serving me with
cheap perfume and red wine stains on your dress
i'm now obsessed with this freightful mess

sinners take one on the chin and i already got mine
saints get a couple more in the butt and you're one of a kind
if you got a black list then i'd love to join in
one more for the road and we're off to oblivion


  1. this could make a kick ass song. or maybe some of this due to length. and we don't like our songs very long now do we?

  2. we like our songs fast, short and raw.