Jan 27, 2010


So here's the deal.
I got a new zine. Xerox Photocopies, 30 Pages, Hardcover.
Everything is hand assembled and limited to 40.
Cheap poetry, lo-fi imaging, distortion and noise.
If you want one of these just leave me a comment or contact me at tzontiros@hotmail.com.
I'll be glad to send those anywhere!


  1. as i get on my knees i dream of expensive cars and designer dresses. when i take him in my mouth i dream of a big house, fully equiped kitchen, all-day holiday and the jealous looks of the girls in the office. My mom would be so proud of her girl. Altough she cant imagine what im doing here under the boss's office. :)

    trust him its great!

  2. i wish i could comment a picture of your zine in my room! your zine did travel across europe after all x

  3. θα ήθελα πολύ ένα:)μπορώ να έρθω κάπου να το πάρω ή να σου δώσω διεύθυνση να μου το στείλεις...ή κάτι:)!Mπράβο για την καλή δουλειά και την όρεξη

  4. Got mine copies the other day thanks a lot its really cool. When I get my shit together I'll send you copies of whatever I end up doing.