Apr 12, 2010


you hire a guy to get the job done
it's all about facial trust
and a handshake
like love, but, here you can sign a paper
like army, but, there's no fear of getting killed
it's not about getting into the river
now matter how cold the water is
but if you are finally getting to the other side

loyal tramp trap for knaves
doing business well
sleeping in hostile beds
now the soil stares at me
like a cloud
(when i'm looking in the ground feels like looking in the sky)

cause the soil is safe and the stars
oh' the stars are all shiny, but, they're far away

hello, my lover i feel the convenience
of being away or being silent
am i like this? i've always been
a movie

the band is connected through cables
the beat passes through veins
the soul intrigued and vast
and now the soil feels unsafe
the eyes become electric
lightning bolts enhance the feeling
and it all becomes

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