Apr 15, 2010


Lately i'm getting my coffee addiction back
and i feel happy
getting to see my brother getting older
a boy turns to a man
he got livers for lovers and lovers for livers
and a spirit full of hell, still
cannibalizing festivals
thrifting with
such naivity and such levity.
how are you doing lately?

I got my name written
on a tall grave
I got my fate working
on every jinx
I got a fork and a spoon
to eat misery
and the summer's round the corner
playing ball with my old classmates
that used to call me a bore
other spaces older times

I feel light as a feather as i write.

Strangers are only strange when they're strangers
Embrace the anonimity
I stay silent cause i have a lot to say

Sigh and seek secondhand salvation
we bought the guns from the grocery store
where you use to buy candy
for the infants

A moral eclipsis of a bipolar syndrome refugee
i pass out in the store
the store lady kisses me
and i feel seven years old again

We progress like bread
necessity drives us
and we feel guilty
like the bread and the rice and the hand
in your plate. and the head?
The world watches me now
unveil my travels
of misconnections
and objectivity
so thoughtlessly
sounding like a girl moaning
for never managing to walk on high heels.

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