Apr 19, 2010


For people into signs

asthmatic leather jacket
leftover cloth of the apocalypse
i kneel on my knees and with adjurations
my charm makes out with your stitches
"please wear me", i know you do it well

needles pierce through childish skin
a vaccine i never did
now owes me a punch
nausea spells my name with a boner
singing songs of suspicion

i know you have attached
a dagger into my spine
a curly haired heaven faints
as the doctors aspire for new customers
and green windows contrast your rosy cheeks

a man of red pepper raised in corn
those unreachable ressurections, those salad days
the pavements stated you know me well

bianca, draw me a portrait as i laugh
i know you will do great
exhilarated scorpios never survived (a) cancer

1 comment:

  1. tell me about it. cancer with scorpio rising here.