May 10, 2010


May you find the devil
between walls of cement
steel concrete debris
and cotton
May the devil find you between the hearts
that revolt
and burn after reading

Lies corrupt your system
of duotone communication
The air blazes through your veins
and dances with your guts
to the sound of your blood pressure
You wrote a suicide note in Braille
left in the gutter to be collected
by harvesters

There are times that i wish i was blind
or could just face the ceiling and fall asleep
for a lifetime

Slowly i dress my eyes in gauzes and you excruciate the fear
i read your suicide note with my fingers
says you left to the oceans
because you couldn't stand the soil anymore.
Years after i understood
The waiting mended the pain

You couldn't face the steadiness of the soil so you traded it for the sea
I couldn't face the ceiling so i started sleeping sideways.

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