Sep 26, 2010


New shame arrived today
in the family
a boy that never learnt
how to walk on steady feet
and wash his hands
from failure
is lifting the weights of fate
like another
television superhero

Remembering the welcomes
and the hot lies
the snakes stayed inside holes for a break
and we enjoyed
the video-game nights
when we just wanted to
fuck with the stars
and trap them between
tongues and teeth

The cement dried sooner tonight
and my feet are stuck
up to my ankles
like a hollow statue
eaten from the inside
by the wormwood of

The kids of the neighborhood
i always wished to befriend
wrote on the pedestal
of my stomach:
"Always desired
this life to be mine, still
i'm the last in line."

1 comment:

  1. παρα πολύ όμορφο και εντονο!
    "...wrote on the pedestal
    of my stomach" αυτό το σημειο με "πεθανε"

    καλό βραδυ! συνέχισε ετσι!